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img_raul_rubioPastor Raúl Rubio and his wife Viviana Valbuena founded the Yovel Messianic Foundation in Bogotá, Colombia. They are happily married and raising two beautiful children, Yahel and Yaron.

Pastor Raúl was born in Bogotá 44 years ago, and knew salvation in Yeshúa from a very young age. He studied law at the Universidad Libre in Bogotá and worked for 10 years in the banking system in Colombia.

Before committing to his pastoral calling, Pastor Rubio led youth groups from a Christian church in Bogotá. In October 1999, he retired to begin his foundation, having the support of Viviana’s family and his own. A year later, walking on two biblical passages that the Lord gave him in Matthew 5: 17-19 and Isaiah 42, he moved Sunday services to Saturday, motivated by his love and interest in the Jewish roots of our faith and the Jewish people.