Senior Leadership


Rabbi Dr. Itzhak Shapira

Shaliach Tzibbur

Tzahi (Itzhak) Shapira was born and raised in a traditional Sephardic Jewish home in Israel.


Rabbi Dr. Steven A. Bernstein

Head of Department of Theology

Rabbi Bernstein is the Rabbi at Aydat HaDerekh Messianic Synagogue in Fort Myers, FL.


Pastor Matt McKeown

Pastoral Supervision

Pastor Matt McKeown is the Associate Pastor at the UBIC in Holly Hill, FL. 


Dr. Douglas A. Wheeler

Shuvu College

Dr. Wheeler has an earned Ph.D. from California Graduate School of Theology and an earned Th.D. from Florida Theological Seminary.


Eldad Keynan

Instructor of Jewish History

Eldad Keynan was born in Israel and has a M.A. on Jewish History from Haifa University. 


Pastor Raul Rubio

President of Shuvu Spanish

Pastor Raul Rubio is founder the Yovel Messianic Foundation in Bogota, Colombia.


Heather Tsitsi Masiyiwa

President of Shuvu Africa

Tsitsi Masiyiwa is a philanthropist and social entrepreneur devoted to empowering young people in Africa.


Moreh Oleg Hazin

President of Shuvu Russian

Oleg Hazin serves as the head of Kehilat Derec and Emet in Ashdod, Israel.


Rabbi Emmanuel Rodriguez-Perez

President of Shuvu French

Emmanuel serves as Rabbi of Messianic Synagogue El-Bethel in Paris, France.

Leaders by Country


Moreh Daniel Rodrigo

Shuvu Sri Lanka

Daniel and his family have been instrumental in building the first Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Sri Lanka.


Daniel S.

Shuvu Singapore & Malaysia

Daniel is a founder and pastor at Kehilat Etz Chayim. He has been a Talmid of Yeshivat Shuvu since 2015.


Moreh Andre Widodo

Shuvu Indonesia

Andre has been studying in Yeshivat Shuvu since the yeshiva opened in 2015.


Daniel & D'vorah Calic

Shuvu Israel

Daniel and D'vorah are founders and directors of Bless Israel Network.


Benyamin Obadyah

Shuvu Indonesia

Benyamin is the Pastor of Beit El & Shoresh Messianic Fellowship congregations in Jakarta.


Pastor Joseph John

Shuvu India

Pastor Joseph is the President of Kehilat Bethlechem in Hyderabad, India.


Ralf Matuzelski

Shuvu Australia

Ralf is the lead elder at Derech HaMashiach on the Gold Coast, Australia. 


Giborah McDonald

Shuvu United Kingdom

Giborah McDonald with her husband Ian is a Founder and Leader of AlephOmega Ministries.



Noah Bearden

Head of Media Production

Noah is a talented video editor and is responsible for all video production and post-production.


Jaxon Edwards

Administrative Assistant & Publishing Manager

Jaxon works as an administrative assistant and manages the creation and publishing of resources.


Carlos Mendoza

Web Infrastructure & Design

Carlos is a Web Designer with 10+ years of experience in app/web development.


Jeff Blumenthal

Head of Software Development

Jeff is a Software Architect with 30+ years of experience in IT architecture and software development.