Alezur Cabeza Perez is a Messianic Moreh and a Talmid studying in Yeshivat Shuvu since it began.

He participates as a teacher of the weekly Pearls of Torah for Ahavat Ammi and teaches Biblical Hebrew at Shema Israel Communities of Florida under Rav Avner.

He also does street and prison outreach in his local Miami, Florida community.

He was raised in a Messianic congregation, Bet Hesed of Miami which was led by Rabbi Nelles and Rabbi Fischer.

His family is of Anusim/Marrano descent and his grandfather was a lifelong researcher of history related to the Benei Anusim and the inquisitions. He continues in this family tradition of educating those interested in information related to the descendants of the Jews who were forced into Roman-Christianity. His main priority, however, is teaching about Yeshua the Jewish Messiah within His Torah context.