Daniel is a Jewish believer and D’vorah is a Gentile believer in Yeshua. Daniel comes from a traditional Jewish background in the US and is part of a large family, many of whom are Israeli natives. He is a passionate defender of Israel, having written numerous articles which have appeared in mainstream publications. D’vorah grew up in a traditional Catholic home, and is the eldest of four children. She is also the grandchild of a beloved Jewish grandfather, whose parents emigrated to America from Georgia, Russia in the late 1800’s. Although she never knew her grandfather was Jewish until after his death, her love for the Jewish people grew out of this small seed and began to blossom after her first trip to Israel in 1998. Both Daniel and D’vorah understood early in their faith journey that G-d was still in covenant with the Jewish people, and that Israel would play a central role in the last days before the return of the Messiah.

Daniel and D’vorah have been involved in the Messianic movement since 2007. Initially, they formed a teaching ministry to help Christians understand the Jewish roots of their faith. As they taught Christians, their passion and love for Israel grew, and they realized they could not play an active role in introducing the authentic Jewish Messiah to His brothers while living in the United States. They came to the conclusion that they had to fully and completely align their destiny with the descendants of Abraham, and so they made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in January of 2011.

Currently, they are founders of Bless Israel Network (BiN) a media organization based in Israel. The focus is to provide programming designed to educate viewers of the rightful prophetic role of the Jewish people and Israel in G-d’s redemptive plan. The initial offering is a weekly internet TV program called “Revelation to the Nations.” The program provides the only dedicated platform for leaders in the Messianic community inside Israel. Its purpose is to give them a voice out to the Nations to share the vision and humanitarian work they are doing among their Jewish brethren to build the Kingdom of G-d in the Land where it all began. Conversely, the viewers in the Nations have an opportunity to learn first-hand what the Israeli Messianic Body is doing as they follow their Messiah in preparation for the coming Messianic Age. The program promotes direct connections and shutfut (partnership) between the disciples of Yeshua in the Nations and their brethren in Israel. Daniel and D’vorah are hosts of “Revelation to the Nations.”