Introduction to Messianic Jewish Though

Pastor Matt McKeown, Instructor
Course Code: KP-101

In this course we will discover that the Foundation of the Christian faith is a Jewish one. Prepare to have your mind and spirit challenged as we delve into the Proper Jewish framework of the Messianic faith.


The Jewishness of the Gospels

Pastor Matt McKeown, Instructor
Course Code: KP-102

The gospels are Christian, right? Believers from the church may not realize just how Jewish the gospels are. Learning the concepts in this course will give Christians a greater understanding of the Jewish context of the New Testament and the life and ministry of Jesus.


The Five Hebrew Words that will Change Your Life

Pastor Matt McKeown, Instructor
Course Code: KP-103

In this course we will learn a little vocabulary and go a little deeper into the concepts we discussed in the first 2 courses. This course is designed to start discussion and make you think. There are no quizzes for this course. Take your own notes and try to bounce these new ideas off of a fellow Christian and get their thoughts.


Paul under a Jewish Microscope

Pastor Matt McKeown, Instructor
Course Code: KP-104

In this course we will dig deeper into the life, theology, background and ministry of Rav Sha'ul, the Apostle Paul. Why is circumcision such a big deal? Do we truly understand the book of Galatians? These and other questions will be answered as we take this journey together.


At the Footsteps of Ancient Messianic Judaism

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira, Pastor Matt McKeown and Eldad Keynan, Instructors
Course Code: KP-105

In this groundbreaking course, we will explore tombs, caves and ancient homes and synagogues to find out the extent of the spread of Messianic Judaism in Israel. Join Rabbi Shapira, Pastor Matt and Eldad Keynan as we enter sites that sometimes the general public cannot enter. Did Jews tolerate the believers in Yeshua? Is it possible that Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians could live together in peace? What changes occurred in Jewish burial practice because of the coming of Yeshua? What are some of the symbols that prove that a place is Messianic Jewish? All of these questions and more will be answered in this course. Let's begin this life changing journey through history!