Born on the Israeli Kibbutz of Ramat Yokhanan, Eldad Keynan moved as a child to Kiryat Shemona on the Lebanese border and witnessed the '67 war as a young teenager. He joined the IDF in 1971 in the special infantry forces of the Sayeret Shaked and fought on the Egyptian front in '73 where he experienced horrors and lost friends. In 1982, Eldad served as a reserve soldier in Lebanon, but the following year began a career in heavy truck driving until 1988. In the early 90’s, he pursued a B.A. in Jewish History at Haifa University, graduating Summa cum laude in 1995, followed by an M.A. in Jewish History from the same university, specializing in the 2nd Temple era through the Talmudic era. Tombs and ancient Jewish burial practice became his expertise, especially in cases when the tomb’s ethnic identity was questionable. It soon crossed his mind that some of these tombs were owned by Messianic Jews! He knew that he needed to study this topic as well as another: Yeshua. Eldad has studied both independently for the last several years and is delighted to be teaching these fascinating subjects.