Moreh Andre Widodo considers himself just an ordinary person, Miryam’s husband and father to two children, Josef and Sarah. Andre was born in 1971 in Bandung, Indonesia, the most populous Moslem country in the world, with more than 255 million people.

In the market place, Andre works as a professional Instructor Pilot who instructs and gives assessments to other pilots. He has been flying for more than 25 years, having been employed with 3 major companies. From the market place, he has been able to connect with many people from different countries.

Andre’s journey in the Messianic walk began in 2007 when he and his wife made a connection with a Jewish believer in the Land, a Sofer KT”M. In 2014 Andre met Rabbi Shapira when he came to Asia, and a year later, in 2015 Andre joined Yeshivat Shuvu.

Currently, Andre and his wife are leading a fellowship in Singapore and one in Indonesia, called ORI SINGAPORE and ORI INDONESIA. These are small but growing Messianic fellowships who share the love of the Jewish Messiah with others.