David Avraham Weiss was born in 1955 in Waterbury, CT to two Orthodox Jewish parents, whose families - one from Ludz, Poland, the other from Minsk, Belarus - had escaped the impending Holocaust in the early 1920s.

Members of a thriving Orthodox community, the Weisses enrolled all their children in Beit David Yeshiva. Thus was David Avraham schooled in Torah, Talmud, Liturgy, Hebrew language, & Israeli history from pre-K through 7th grade, culminating in his Bar-Mitzvah.

David went on to secular secondary schooling, graduating with a  B.A. in English & B.S. in Psychology (Bucknell University 1977), and later earning his post-grad M. Ed. (University of Virginia 1981).

He would then embark on a 37-year career teaching in Virginia Beach City Public Schools - English for 12 years, Psychology for 25 years. These years gave David a foundation for ministry, where he learned to value and respect people who came from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and faiths. It was while teaching that David also met his future wife, Juanita. Around the same time that G-d led Juanita to have a yearning for the Jewish roots of her Christian faith, He was stirring in David the desire to explore the plan and character of Messiah, which had always been glossed over at Yeshiva.

Now David was reading the B'rit Chadashah in freedom for the first time, bouncing thoughts off Juanita, and off of Rabbi Joe Rosenfarb, whose Beth Messiah Synagogue David and Juanita were now attending together.

David saw the goodness and Jewishness of "Jesus" for the first time but was hesitant to share his new knowledge - and cause such a deep rift - within his family. It was when David asked G-d, alone and from the depth of his heart, to reveal Himself and support him in his step of faith, that G-d's Ruach came into the room and touched - at length - David's heart.  When the Joy & Love of the Ruach inspired David to declare, "I just want to know You in a more intimate way!" The Ruach responded, "Just read my Torah from B'reisheet to Revelation, and believe it all as true!"

As G-d's Ruach left the room, what He left David was a knowledge & understanding of Yeshua in the midst of every Feast Day, every Jewish symbol, every Book of the Nevi'im.

David's heart transformation has stayed with him since then, 1989. He and Juanita married 6 months later, and have been in ministry as lovers of the Word, as parents of their 26-year old (Jonathan), as Elders during 25 years at Beth Messiah, and going into their 8th year (2021) as co-Rabbi-Pastor of Malchut Chayim Messianic Congregation. David studied under the Rabbinic Ordination Program of IAMCS beginning in 2012, and was awarded IAMCS's Certificate of Rabbinic Ordination in 2018. After having met Rabbi Shapira, and realizing their shared vision for an entire world to know their Messiah by walking in His Jewish footsteps, David is overjoyed to be joining his wife in the family of Shuvu and Ahavat Ammi.